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  ETERNA 500
Natural results for the most sophisticated studio work. Ultra-fine grain and outstanding gradation with excellent sharpness and broad exposure latitude.
  ETERNA 400
Natural atmospheric color and enhanced shadow detail with exceptionally fine grain.
  ETERNA 250
Warm colors and smooth, consistent gradation for natural face tones. Enhanced latitude with exceptional grain and sharpness.
  ETERNA Vivid 500
High-speed film that inherits the saturated color, high contrast and superior sharpness of ETERNA Vivid 160. Ideal for night scenes and other challenging conditions.
  ETERNA Vivid 160
A dramatic new palette for motion pictures or TV. High color saturation, high contrast and exceptional image sharpness.
  REALA 500D
World's first high-speed daylight-type motion picture film, with fourth color layer for natural realism and lifelike skin tones.
Natural color reproduction on location, outdoors and in mixed light. Enhanced latitude and gradation with exceptional grain and sharpness.
Natural flesh tones and subtle shadow rendition with exceptional performance in high-contrast outdoor lighting.


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