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Recording Media › High Definition Videocassettes


Since its introduction to the market, Fujifilm HD331 has earned a reputation as a solid performer.

For use in DVCPRO HD digital VTR systems, the Fujifilm DP1001 utilizes ATOMM-II technology, a special coating process that enables the production of an ultra-thin magnetic layer for high-density recording.
Fujifilm now offers a complete line of 6.35mm videotape for both field and studio use.
To enhance reliability and durability to meet every professional application and after extensive study, Fujifilm has redesigned every layer of the DV171HD's metal evaporated tape.

Recording Media
› Digital Videocassettes

Fujifilm MX321 offers a new array of features that make this videocassette one of our most important new product offerings in years.
Fujifilm DV131 videocassettes for the DVCAM format are the latest addition to Fujifilm's digital videocassette line-up.
  D5001 D-5
Broadcasters and production professionals who work with uncompressed digital recording formats expect the highest levels of performance from their recording media.
Fujifilm's DP121 broadcast-use metal videocassettes feature exceptional image quality and the high output required for high-density digital recording.
  D421 D-9
Exclusive ATOMM technology brings a new standard of performance to Digital-S format systems, with ultra-high recording densities for superb sound and picture quality.

Recording Media › Professional Disc

Fujifilm's new PD711 Professional Discs are the ideal recording media for today's XDCAM and XDCAM HD systems.

Recording Media › Betacam Videocassettes

  SX321 Betacam SX
With the inclusion of SX321 to our product line, Fujifilm now offers a product for every Betacam format - analog or digital.
  D321 Digital Betacam
This is the professional's choice for top-flight Digital Betacam system performance.
  M321SP Betacam SP
Acclaimed and respected throughout the industry, Fujifilm M321SP videocassettes are the Betacam SP tape-of-choice for thousands of video professionals around the world.

Recording Media › MiniDV Videocassettes

Fujifilm DVC digital videocassettes maximize the performance of MiniDV camcorder systems.

Recording Media › P2 Memory Cards

  16GB P2 & 32GB P2
P2 card for the Panasonic P2 system. This next-generation media delivers outstanding performance and reliability.

Recording Media › Duplication Videocassettes

  Bulk VHS & S-VHS
Fujifilm offers bulk videocassettes for use by low- to medium-volume duplicators, as well as professional and industrial users, who need a low-cost, high-quality VHS cassette for presentation and distribution uses.
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